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Software Engineer III - Mobile - Shared Experience



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, March 8, 2024
At Kueski, we're dedicated to improving the financial lives of people in Mexico. Since 2012, we've been the leading buy now, pay later (BNPL) and online consumer credit platform in Latin America, known for our innovative financial services. Our flagship product, Kueski Pay, provides seamless payment solutions for both online and in-store transactions, establishing itself as the preferred option for a quarter of Mexico's top e-commerce merchants. Notably, we were the first to introduce BNPL on Amazon Mexico.
We're a tech company with a culture geared toward innovation, collaboration, and impact, fostering a strong, diverse, and inclusive company culture. In 2023, Kueski was recognized as the top BNPL platform by Fintech Breakthrough and earned the title of one of Mexico's most ethical companies from AMITAI. Additionally, we ranked as one of the Best Companies for Female Talent by EFY.
As Software Engineer Mobile you will have the opportunity to be at the forefront of this exciting initiative. Working closely with cross-functional teams, you will have the chance to ideate, prototype, build, deliver, and maintain groundbreaking financial products that bridge the gap between online and offline commerce

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborative Powerhouse:
  • Dive headfirst into collaborative teamwork, supporting and uplifting your fellow team members to conquer our shared objectives
  • Deliver with unwavering excellence, both quantitatively and qualitatively, pushing boundaries and setting new standards in software development
  • Business Insight Champion:
  • Immerse yourself in understanding our business, enabling you to make informed decisions and expertly evaluate trade-offs
  • Champion continuous improvement by identifying and prioritizing areas for enhancement in deliverables, practices, and processes, including the relentless pursuit of tackling technical debt
  • Architect of Innovation:
  • Be there from the very beginning, actively shaping project analysis and assisting in estimating the complexities of medium to complex projects
  • Bridge the gap between business requirements and technical solutions, weaving your coding wizardry to bring ideas to life
  • Habitual Excellence:
  • Approach every challenge with a deep understanding of its core problem, and craft ingenious solutions that drive us closer to our business and team objectives
  • Write code that transforms aspirations into reality, and stands as a guardian against bugs and incidents
  • Identify and communicate risks, making sure that our journey is as smooth as it is exhilarating
  • Be a torchbearer for best practices, guiding and mentoring your peers to excellence, and always keeping our eyes on the project's North Star
  • Periodic Mastery:
  • Commit to a relentless pursuit of growth and improvement, embracing the ever-evolving technologies, processes, and best practices defined by our team
  • Leave a trail of documentation in your wake, ensuring that knowledge is shared and our progress is well-documented
  • Thrive under pressure as you troubleshoot bugs and incidents, leading your team to solutions and prioritizing the path forward
  • Stand as the gatekeeper of quality through thorough code reviews
  • Keep a vigilant watch over our systems and services, ready to take swift action when needed
  • Actively participate in team ceremonies and share your wisdom with others, helping to sculpt our collective success
  • Take the lead in technical interviews, selecting future teammates who share our vision
  • Contribute to early discussions surrounding medium to complex projects, helping to dissect and conquer the most challenging tasks

Position Requirements

  • Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Engineering, Computer Science (or equivalent experience) - We're looking for someone with a strong educational background in the tech world, someone who has dived deep into the world of code and algorithms.
  • Strong technical background in programming, at least 3-5+ years of relevant experience as a software engineer - We need someone who lives and breathes code, who can navigate complex systems and solve problems with elegant solutions.
  • Experience developing reliable apps that might face limited internet access - We need someone who understands the challenges of connectivity and can build apps that work seamlessly even when the internet is spotty.
  • Implementation of persistence mechanisms for mobile applications when offline - We're looking for someone who knows how to make data persist even when the connection drops, ensuring a smooth user experience.
  • Understanding of how to build modular mobile applications - We want someone who can architect scalable and maintainable codebases, with a focus on reusability and modularity.
  • Working with Flutter/Dart packages - We need someone who is comfortable with the latest tools and technologies, and who can leverage them to build cutting-edge mobile applications.
  • Experience in development of Android/iOS applications and have deployed them on Google Play/App Store - We're looking for someone who has a track record of building and shipping high-quality apps to the masses.
  • Comfortable using simulators and defining test cases for debugging code, enhancing performance and reliability - We need someone who knows how to test their code rigorously, ensuring that it meets our high standards for performance and reliability.
  • Setup of CI/CD pipelines - We're looking for someone who understands the importance of automation and can set up continuous integration and deployment pipelines to streamline our development process.
  • Strong computer science fundamentals such as data structures and algorithms - We want someone who has a solid foundation in computer science, someone who can tackle complex problems with ease.
  • Familiar with A/B testing, progressive rollouts - We need someone who understands the importance of experimentation and can help us iterate and improve our products based on user feedback.
  • Experience working with Mobile hardware and media: GPS, Camera, NFC, etc. - We're looking for someone who is familiar with the ins and outs of mobile hardware, and who can leverage it to create immersive and engaging experiences for our users.

You’ll love working at Kueski because:

  • We have a mission-driven culture focused on customer value, teamwork, humility, and integrity.
  • Everyone is expected to have role clarity, career growth, and a personal development plan. Feedback and recognition is embedded in our company processes, systems, and practices.
  • We ensure competitive salary, medical insurance, and wellbeing through ample and flexible time off as well as mental healthcare benefits. Everyone is an owner and eligible for competitive stock options with a company poised for success.
  • We're committed to building an inclusive and diverse team and we know this leads to incredible work.
Kueski: Where talent excellence improves Mexican lives
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