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Staff Backend Engineer



Software Engineering
Posted on Friday, June 7, 2024

Who we are?
There’s a fintech revolution underway in Mexico, and Clip is leading the way!
Clip is the leading platform for digital payments and financial solutions. We were born with the idea that all businesses in Mexico should have the opportunity to access the latest innovation in financial technology, driven by #ElPoderDeClip.
Being part of Clip will make you proud. You will work in what you are passionate about within a talented community, in a safe space where you can be your best self and where growth means constant learning.


As a Staff Backend Engineer within the Lending Chapter, you will be a cornerstone in driving the evolution of financial technology at PayClip. You will work closely with a team of highly skilled professionals, contributing to the design and implementation of our cutting-edge lending solutions. This role goes beyond traditional software development, placing you at the vanguard of technological innovation to enhance our interaction with Clip customers. As a Staff Engineer, you will leverage your deep expertise to provide mentorship, lead complex projects, and influence strategic technical decisions, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of the industry. This position offers a unique opportunity to excel in content usage and customer insights, shaping the future direction of our products and services.

What we do?

  1. Design, develop, and experiment with software programs using a diverse range of technologies.
  2. Innovate and explore new technologies to connect with Clip customers effectively.
  3. Cultivate expertise in content usage and customer insights, shaping our strategy.
  4. Utilize Java 8+ / Kotlin, AWS, Testing, Maven, Design Patterns, Databases (relational, key-value, document), and Agile Methodology to drive project success.
  5. Thrive in a data-driven culture, making strategic and immediate decisions based on analytics.
  6. Communicate effectively, providing insights into strategic priorities.

Ideal Candidate

  1. Computer Science or equivalent experience.
  2. 5+ years Java 8+ / Kotlin, software development, cloud computing.
  3. 5+ years of experience working with REST APIS, Testing, Maven, Design Patterns, Spring Framework, RDS
  4. Senior in Java/Kotlin development, Agile development, design patterns, testing, and other software engineering principles and processes.
  5. Solid understanding of internet and IP communications protocols and formats such as TCP/IP, HTTP, JSON, etc.
  6. Senior in Linux/Unix and comfortable with Mac.
  7. Knowledge of AWS/Cloud and Docker.
  8. Solid understanding of RESTful service architecture and API.
  9. Plus RabbitMQ / NodeJS

In Clip, we are committed to a diverse and inclusive workplace. Clip does not discriminate under any basis of origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, disability, age or other legal status. Clip is an equal opportunity employer.If you are unstoppable, creative and have the skills we need, we want to hear from you!